Here are some phrases that might help one understand what counseling is and how it works:

  • Mood Remodeling
  • Attitude Architecture
  • Relationship Renegotiation
  • Help for Intellectual & Emotional Hoarding
  • Balancing Emotional Checkbook



Once you have chosen to engage me as your counselor, you will have access to my schedule and able to book an appointment at a time that fits your schedule.

Through May 2020, using patient portal, all sessions will be conducted online. through May 2020.


Online Sessions

Online counseling is available. 

Whether you're being a good citizen, being home with out-of-school kids, or avoiding COVID 19 and other assorted cooties . . . we can have a counseling session online. 

Tele-therapy can be facilitated via Simple Practice, the HIPPA-compliant electronic health records



I am able to bill Blue Cross Blue Shield & Anthem.

(BCBS "Local" or "Value" plans not accepted).

I recommend calling your insurance company to verify your benefits, check deductibles, copays, and reimbursement options if the insurance policy you have does not regard me as "in network."


After a lifetime of being given access to large amounts of very personal and private information I discovered people wanted to share their stories with me. Counseling is how I can best honor the gifts I have been given.

Why Me?

You'll have to be the judge about whether or not I am the best counselor for you. Counselors are like shoes, we all do the same thing but the fit it critically important.  




Lectures & Trainings

Lectures & Trainings

Lectures & Trainings

I have presented at hundreds of conferences, corporate training events, and continuing education sessions for licensure boards. Topics:

  • Childhood Trauma
  • Ethics
  • Forgiveness
  • HIV & Substance Use
  • Cyber-bullying


Faculty Experience

Lectures & Trainings

Lectures & Trainings

The opportunity to teach graduate courses is an enriching experience that keeps me sharp. Courses I have taught include

  • Multicultural Issues & Social Justice
  • Clinical Skills & Techniques
  • Lifespan & Human Development
  • Career & Vocational 
  • Grief & Loss
  • Crisis 



Lectures & Trainings


I suppose it's obvious. If you found this website you were looking for a counselor to join you on a quest for a new life. 

From the day we're born we are told who we can and must be and do. We're also given rules about who we cannot and must not be or do. If you're free to be who you want to be and loving life you probably won't see this. For the rest of us . . . lets break some rules and be who we are meant to be.

Scheduling Appointments